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Behaviour Change With Sport Motivation

Making changes to your lifestyle isn’t just about the physical changes. A Large part of this is reflecting on the behavioural and emotional changes needed in order to be in a position to be able to successfully reach your goals. This where sport Motivation techniques can play their part.

The emotional reasons behind why we may adopt bad habits may be the true reasons as to why you may have not met your goals before or the thought of making changes may be overwhelming.
We know at KT Fitness that finding the time, energy and motivation to exercise and eat healthily can feel like an impossible task. Especially with our lives becoming more and more busy.
Many of us may use food and drink or smoking as a coping mechanism in order to help us to get through the stresses of daily life however these habits can have a damaging effect on our health. You may feel you are such is a constant cycle of poor habits that you struggle to break when difficulties in life arise. Finding new practical ways of coping with these difficulties and having the confidence and belief in yourself to do what you want to achieve is a core focus we value at KT Fitness & Nutrition.

Using Sport Motivation tactics

We can support you through the ups and down and be a consistent influence in order to help you to break down your goals and challenges into smaller realistic tasks which are then built up over time so that you can have the confidence to continue to face life with new tools, coping mechanisms and of course physical fitness to progress forward.
Exercise has its benefits both physically and mentally to increase your mood as well as using a good stress reliever. This paired with good nutritional food can help you to feel energised and strong.
Changes in behaviour can not be made overnight. At KT Fitness we reflect on the behaviour. Using the transtheortical health theory there are six stages to behaviour change. See below.
Stages of Change
Stage 1 – Pre contemplation. No intention to take action within the next 6 months
Stage 2 – Contemplation. Intends to take action within the next 6 months
Stage 3 – Preparation. Intends to take action within the next 30 days and has taken some behavioural steps in this direction
Stage 4 –Action. Changed overt behaviour for less than 6 months
Stage 5 – Maintenance. Changed overt behaviour for more than 6 months
Stage 6 – Termination. No temptation to relapse and 100% confidence

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