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home personal trainer

Strength & Conditioning

Strength and Conditioning is to use exercises prescribed specifically to improve performance.
At KT Fitness we work alongside our partner business Paragon Physiotherapy in which we provide specialised running analysis and strength and conditioning for runners of all abilities.

At more advanced levels we use plyometric exercises to increase power speed and agility. The image below is an example of a plyo platform jump.

With Paragon Physiotherapy

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What we do?

By taking one particular muscle or a group of muscles and making them stronger to improve its performance through repetitively conditioning the muscle/muscle groups. Using strength exercises and performing them slowly means the muscle/s are under tension for longer and therefore over time create strength in the muscle fibres. Through practice the muscles are then stronger and more stable to provide a base on which to improve your own performance in your sport.


For runners it is essential to target specific muscles to change running style so that running becomes more efficient and pain free. Increasing the strength of the muscles of the lower limbs and hips helps runners to achieve this. Alongside strength training there is also a focus on running technique and drills in order to increase speed and therefore reduce running times.


Strength and Conditioning provides increased performance and strength in muscles and can be beneficial to many who may have had a long standing injury whether it be in the back, knee or shoulder.