What is an Online Personal Training Plan?

An Online personal Training Plan is a step by step Exercise and Nutrition Plan designed specifically for you. If you are wanting support online to meet your goals, KT Fitness & Nutrition provides online plans lasting four weeks that you can use in your current gym or at home. You will receive a comprehensive questionnaire to help us understand your goals, circumstances and preferences.
From here we will devise a unique training program depending on your goals and preference given in the questionnaire. All exercises come with a full explanation of correct technique and muscle groups worked.
See the example below. The main muscle being worked is highlighted in the image.
personal training plan

personal training plan

What does an ‘Online Personal Training Plan’ contain?

Our nutritional plans analyse your current BMI (body mass index), Basal Metabolic Rate and take into account current activity levels and provide instructions of what, when and how much to eat in order to reach your goal.
Through your online plan you have 24 hour access to one of our personal trainers via phone, text and email. All online programmes are sent via email following payment.
Every 4 weeks the plan is reviewed at this point you will be able to discuss your thoughts on your training plan and your progress. The plan is then adapted to ensure the next 4 weeks is accurate in getting your results. Access to your own personal trainer is also available through Skype or online chat if required.

Is an ‘Online Plan’ right for me?

An online personal training plan is good for the individual that may already have a gym membership and wants a change to their training routine. If you don’t have the time to meet for a one on one training session this plan provide you with the very best advice and guidance in progress your training to the next level.

Online Nutrition Plan

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