Training Programmes

Our training programs basic structure comprises of a warm up, cardiovascular training, resistance training, and a cool down.
• Cardiovascular training to work the heart
• Resistance training to work the muscles
• Conditioning exercises and stretches to prevent injury

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Face the Facts

You are 100% more likely to stick to your goals with a structured training plan.

What we do?

Each training program will include

  • an initial consultation
  • Review of medical history
  • Analysis of goals, lifestyle and nutrition
  • Time scales for exercise planning
  • Individual exercise plan includes warm up, cardio and resistance combination plus functional exercise to improve performance in daily tasks
  • Instructions for all exercises
  • 24 hour access to personal trainer via phone, email etc


To provide you with a clear, structured exercise programme which when utilised will work toward reaching your identified goals.


All identified goals and SMART target achieved within the expected time frame.

For more information or to book an appointment with our personal trainer, please contact us or use the tab to the side of the page.