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Based in Skipton, we operate as a personal trainer Yorkshire and the Dales. Given the overwhelming benefits, it seems obvious that we should all be physically active. It’s essential if you want to live a healthy and fulfilling life into old age. Your very own personal trainer can help you meet these goals.

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One to One Training

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Mobile Personal Training

KT Fitness is a personal trainer Yorkshire, based above Paragon Physiotherapy. One to one training is provided in our own private gym studio. You will have one to one training with your own personal trainer. Sessions last approximately 45 minutes.

These sessions are to discuss your progress toward goals, discuss your likes and dislikes and look at what we can change in order to improve to your progress further.

Mobile personal training provides one to one personal training in your own home. All equipment is provided for training sessions. All we ask is that you have enough space practically to be able to complete exercises. Loan of additional equipment such as resistance bands and weights will be supplied free of charge so you can continue to exercise at home between training sessions.

Group Training

Training & Nutritional Program

Diet Analysis

Don’t want to train on your own? Book yourself and your friends for a fun fitness session to achieve your goals at the same time as spending it with your friends. As a personal trainer Yorkshire we are easily accessible for areas all round Skipton.

This is your specific program and will detail the type, frequency, intensity and duration of your workouts. It includes a weekly training schedule and exercise list. Within this program you have a nutritional plan which is formulated for your body and is conditioned to the goals you want to achieve. It includes analysis of your current diet, healthy eating guidance and as well as a breakdown of your daily macronutrient needs.

This includes analysis of your current diet, healthy eating guidance and as well as a breakdown of your daily macronutrient needs. Example meal plans will also be provided in this program.

Exercise Program

Fitness Testing

Body Composition Testing

This will include a weekly training schedule and exercise list

This consists of a number of training methods to establish your current level of cardiovascular fitness as well as strength and endurance. this provides a benchmark for future training goals.

this consists of a number of physical tests in order to work out your current levels of fat and muscle in your body. This can be beneficial to use to track your progress over time.

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