diet analysis
Diet Analysis

Diet Analysis

Our 1 to 1 personal training offers privacy with just you and your trainer using the exclusive studio.
Apprehensive or self-conscious in a gym environment or just need some support and guidance? Alternatively are you at a sticking point, with your performance, has your training plateaued? We can provide real expertise in guiding you to the next level and also offer small private group sessions. e.g. Group Fitness or High Intensity Interval training.

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Face the Facts

Research shows that typically people underestimate their true intake of food by 30%.

What we do?

Privacy with our tailored personal training at KT In our diet analysis we look at your current eating habits and explore how we can make small changes to improve your diet and more importantly your health in order to give your body the vitamins, minerals and energy it needs to function at its optimum.


The old saying “you can’t outrun a bad diet” is still very true today. You can exercise to improve your fitness however having a varied and balanced diet is the key to good health.


Analysing your eating habits and behaviour can be a key part to understand why you may not be hitting your goals or the reasoning as to why you may not be losing weight.
We will give to guidance on what, when and how to eat so that you have all the advice needed in order to put it into practice.