Nutritionist Skipton

If you require a Nutritionist Skipton then KT Fitness can help. We believe that good nutrition is an important factor for leading a healthy lifestyle. Training on its own without good nutrition is only half the battle – you need to have good nutrition and balance both. Good nutrition will make a big difference.

This is where we can help. Visit us as at our local studio in Skipton. We offer initial FREE consultations to establish your current situation and your future goals .

As an expert Nutritionist Skipton, we can identify the areas in your diet that need changing. A change to your diet can lead to big gains to meeting your fitness goals.

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Diet Analysis


When you train hard your body may need that extra boost to give it the energy it needs. Supplements can be this valuable source for such nutrients.

We promote both exercise and good nutrition together in order to reach you goals. Exercise alone can help you to improve your fitness however if you want to see changes in your body shape you need to provide your body with the correct nutrition.

Cutting or Increasing your calorie intake? We explain some of the pitfalls and ways to help you plan a balanced calorie intake that’s right for your training and lifestyle.

Training & Nutrition


Health Eating

This is your program specifically designed around you and your goals. It will detail the type, frequency, intensity and duration of your workouts. It will include a weekly training schedule and exercise list.

Find out more about how our Metabolism affects the way we can process our food intake and the impact it can have on our ability to train

What makes up our food? Different nutrient groups all have a different purpose in the body below is the five main nutrient groups and their function. Having a variety diet is essential to ensure good health.