Looking for keep fit classes Skipton? – Why not try a Personal Trainer instead!

Your regular keep fit classes Skipton can be OK to a point. However, do they give you the full depth of training support, skills or motivation that you need? Your very own personal trainer, however, can give you all of these and more – KT Fitness’s wide range of services covers all aspects of health, fitness, & wellbeing. We help you achieve great results, whether you are an enthusiastic keep fit class fanatic or a professional sportsman. KT Fitness & Nutrition provides personal training and nutritional services as an alternative to standard keep fit classes Skipton, North & West Yorkshire and the surrounding areas.


Online training & nutrition plans available

Strength and Conditioning services

Appointments 6 days a week

Gain all the results without all the equipment

Specialised pre/return to gym program

Exclusive private studio

We are a team of local professional exercise professionals offering an alternative to your regular keep fit classes Skipton. Training with us can be challenging however all training programs are personalised to your abilities and goals. We push you to work hard which in turn will change your own expectations of what you can achieve. KT Fitness provides you with the training and nutritional tools to make changes which will last a lifetime. Overall KT Fitness values the importance of investing in you and your body to help you to achieve your goals and become the person you wish to become.

What Our Customers Say?

  • Sue



    I didn’t have the confidence to go to the gym due to my health issues. My previous experiences of exercise were awful and was fearful of doing any exercise at all! I was quite nervous about having a personal trainer however Katy came to visit me on a weekly basis at home. She put together a training program that was challenging but manageable and make sure I do the exercises properly. Having Katy there gave me the motivation to keep going when I wanted to give up. I am now feeling fitter and healthier than I have done in years."

  • Claire



    Hi Katy, chuffed to bits with how far you’ve brought my daughter and more is importantly so is she. Thanks so much for all you’ve done so far to get her where she needs to be. "

  • Alison



    Hi Katy, I’m managing all the exercises you gave me at the gym now. Thanks for your help over the last few months."

  • Fiona



    I have been unable to attend the gym because of injury. Katy has significantly improved all round fitness, including strength and stamina. I’ve learnt which exercises to do to target my weaknesses. I would recommend Katy to anyone. "

  • Paul



    I was referred to Kate to build up my core strength and conditioning after some changes to my running style.
 We originally planned three sessions to work on my core strength and I saw an improvement straight away, the benefits were immediate as well as the sessions being stretching yet enjoyable.
I have now extended my initial sessions to continue to work with Kate on my general fitness and strength, i’m really enjoying the varied workouts, Kate is a hard task master and pushes me as hard as i need to be pushed to get the most from each session"



    I am a 47 year old female who has, in the past, been very fit.  Over the last year my exercise schedule has lapsed and I needed to get back to peak fitness, my short term goals however were to loose half a stone and look good enough to wear a bikini on holiday.  I started being trained by Katy with nine weeks to go before my holiday, I asked her how attainable my goals were and she was very positive and supportive. Katy encouraged me throughout the nine weeks and pushed me when needed, regularly reminding me what my goals were, a great incentive to keep going! She provided me with targets in the gym for each session, which ensured I kept training between my twice weekly sessions with her, in order to reach them.  The workouts were carefully planned and she was more than willing to spend time making sure I was safely doing each exercise prior to starting a routine.  I was very pleased on my last session, prior to going on holiday, to have reached my target weight.  I feel stronger, fitter and able to keep going in order to increase my fitness level and maintain my weight.

    Wendy (Wendy)
  • Health Benefits through training.


    I was initially recommended to see Katy by my physio to help strengthen my back as I am suffering with hypermobility syndrome. After some initial hesitancy & nervousness on my part, I can honestly say that my sessions with Katy have worked wonders and whilst I will always have to live with this syndrome I am now able to manage this and relatively live pain free. Katy is amazingly patient and took time to understand my needs and abilities. This resulted in quickly developing an effective training programme for me with results being seen from an early stage. I would certainly recommend Katy to anybody irrespective of their requirements and overall fitness ability.



    Following a back injury in the summer of last year, I had several physiotherapy sessions, after which I started weekly sessions with Katy who had been recommended by the physiotherapist. The aim was to build up my core strength in order to be able to eventually return to the gym. Katy did a thorough assessment and drew up a programme of exercises for me to following at the weekly sessions and at home. Over a period of months I have been following the programme with an extremely successful outcome. Katy is always mindful of the condition of my back and has always been very careful to make sure her programme is working for me. I tell her if any specific exercise is causing pain and she immediately finds another way to achieve the result. She is a great inspiration and always very encouraging when she sees that I am struggling at times. She is very patient, kind, considerate, respect and always cheerful, encouraging me to go as far as I can but never pushing me beyond my limits. If I request work for a specific area eg upper body, she is very keen to arrange the programme to include my requests. Katy is a lovely young woman who has boosted my core strength and above all restored my confidence in my capabilities. The sessions are hard work but great fun too. Katy has a great sense of humour which she combines with her ability to see what her client needs and how best to deliver those needs. I enjoy my work with Katy very much and always leave the session feeling so much better, both physically and mentally. If I had to choose a stand out moment in my sessions it would be the bouts of boxing! These sessions were Katy’s suggestion and I just love them. I would never have imagined myself attempting such an activity. This is further proof of Katy’s ability and willingness to think outside the box and go the extra mile to help encourage her clients. Katy’s help has been invaluable to me and I would have no hesitation in recommending her to others.